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Certain Areas are Restricted for the Foreign Tourist for the time being.
Orissa - Chhatisgarh Special Intrest Tour
Day 01 Delhi or Mumbai – Raipur (Morning flight) – Kawardha 120kms/2.30hrs drive
Arrival at Raipur . Transfer to Kawardha Palace, A Royal Palace to enjoy the Hospitality of the Prince of Kawardha. Afternoon walk to the Bhoramdeo Temple of 09th Century AD.
Overnight at Kawardha Palace.
Day 02 Kawardha
Visit the Villages of Gond Tribe around & afternoon visit of One of the Weekly market to watch the trading of Tribal with the public from local areas.
The Name derivers from Telugu word Konda, means Hill. This is a Nomadic Tribe. This is one group who believes in Hindu Religion & they have different sub divisions in the group. They have the Ghotul System where the men & women live separately in this Dormitory called Ghotul. Once the marriage is decided, they go out of Ghotul & start their life in the village with other Elder members. This society accepts, Remarriage, Widow marriage & divorce. In this society like other Tribal Groups, they pay a heavy price for the Bride as a respect to women power in the family.
Overnight at Kawardha
Day 03 Kawardha – Raipur 150kms/3hrs drive
Visit of the Gond Tribes villages & their largest weekly market at Tharegaon. Drive to Raipur. Check in to hotel.
Overnight Hotel at Raipur
Day 04 Raipur – Jagdalpur 350kms/5-6hrs drive

Drive to Jagdalpur on the way visiting Benur Weekly market

Drive to Jagdalpur on the way visiting Bahigaon village of the Muria Group & enjoy their Gotul Dance with music, Share a meal with the villagers(Hygienic factor is taken care). Continue the drive to Jagdalpur on the way visiting Kondagaon & Khideichhapra. Time permitting, we can also visit the Benur Weekly Market (Only on Saturday) of the Abujhmarias.

This is another Sub Group live in Abhujmar Hills & completely in deep Forest area & far from the Accessible motor able roads of Narayanpur. This group is Semi Nomadic & due to their isolated living, they still practice their Old Rituals & Practices without having any influence of the outside world. They believe in saving Tigers from the Poachers. They love to eat Roasted Meat of the Hunted animals. They live with cultivation, hunting & gathering Jungle Product.
Overnight at Jagdalpur

Day 05 Jagdalpur
Visit of the Maria villages & Weekly Market of Tokpal around Jagdalpur. Afternoon at Chitrakoot Water Falls, known as the Mini Niagara of the East. Visit of the Anthropology Museum, small museum with nice collection of the Tribal information of Bastar, Chhattisgarh.
Overnight Hotel at Jagdalpur
Day 06 Jagdalpur
Visit the Kanger Valley National park & Dhuruba villages.

This is among the major Tribes of Bastar District. They live their life with the help of earning from Bamboo work, Cultivation & like other tribes, they also collect Jungle Products. They were once upon a time depending upon the Slash & Burn Cultivation. But now a days with the help of the Govt. they are working on Terraced Cultivation. The women & men of this society, recognize each other with the design of their Comb they fix on their hair. During the meeting & greeting Dhuruba people exchange the Comb among each other as a respect to their relation & friendship. The women sari decoration is very interesting as well as their hair decoration. This group is spread in Orissa & Chhatishgarh.
Overnight at Jagdalpur
Day 07 Jagdalpur
Visit the Maria Tribal villages in and around Jagdalpur & witness their Bison Horn Muria Dance at one of the villages & share a meal with them if interested to enjoy their hospitality.

This is a major Sub Group of Gond Group. They love to live in Isolation. This Group is spread around Jagdalpur area. They believe not to cultivate with the help of Plough & use pointed Wooden pieces for this purpose. Marriage among blood relation is more appreciated & given preference. They have got their peculiar name from the Bison Horn Cap they use during their Dance, which they perform during all sort of occasions.
Overnight at Jagdalpur
Day 08 Jagdalpur – Raipur 350kms/5-6hrs drive
Drive to Raipur & check in to hotel. Rest of the day free.
Overnight at Raipur
Day 09 Raipur – Sirpur - Sambalpur 350kms/5-6hrs drive

Drive to Sambalpur on the way visiting Sirpur Excavated sites of Buddhist & Hindu Monasteries. Check in to the hotel.

Sirpur in Chhattisgarh is famous for the 1300 years old built in 6th Century AD first temple in India to be built with bricks- the Laxman Mandir. It also is home to several other structures of great archaeological importance. With the recent discovery of a Haritika statue in Sirpur and a temple complex, said to be much bigger than the Nalanda site in Bihar, has just added to the charm of visiting Sirpur.

Anand Prabhu Kudi Vihar is One of the most famous Buddha Vihars in Sirpur is the Anand Prabhu Kudi Vihar. The Vihar had 14 rooms and at the main entrance adored the Dwarapal carved in stone pillars on either side. A six feet tall statue of Buddha touching the earth is installed inside the vihar.

Swastika Vihar, Situated very close to Anand Prabhu Kudi Vihar, the Swastika Vihar is supposed to have been used as a meditation and study center for the Buddhist Bhikshus.
Overnight at Sambalpur

Day 10 Sambalpur – Dhenkanal 220kms/3-4hrs drive
Drive to Dhenkanal, a small Royal Town where you can visit the Unique Ashram of the Mahima Alekh Cult, Weavers, Tribal Groups & Many More. Be the Guest of the Royal Family & overnight stay at the Palace of Dhenkanal.

Evening drive to Joranda Ashram where the Sadhus of the Mahima Alekh Cult perform Rituals during evening time. Back to the Palace.
Overnight at Dhenkanal Palace
Day 11 Dhenkanal
Visit of Weavers Village at Nuapatna & Dokra Metal Worker Situlia Tribe at Sadeibarini

Weavers of Nuapatna are the Traditional Weavers since years. The entire village is busy with the work on Silk & Cotton Fabrics. They produce many varieties of Products like Saree, Towels, Bed Spreads etc with the Ikat Processing system which is very unique to this place. The Family members help each other for different process of the Making of the Products. They use their Traditional way to remember the work from Father to Son & Mother to Daughter.

Saideibarini is a village of the Situlia Tribal Group. They work on Loss Wax Processing System. They produce different items for the house hold purpose & many decorative pieces. This is a nice settlement of the Situlia people where you can interact with the people & watch them processing the Metal Items. Overnight at Dhenkanal
Day 12 Dhenkanal – Buddhist Triangle 100kms/2.30hrs – Bhubaneshwar 150kms/3hrs
Drive to Bhubaneshwar on the way visiting Buddhist Excavated sites at Ratnagiri, Udaigiri & Lalitgiri.

These three hills and their environs comprise a remarkable Buddhist complex. Hiuen T’sang. The Chinese Pilgrim found it to be the seat of a flourishing Buddhist University called Puspagiri. Extensive ruins of brick pagodas, sculptured stone portals and esoteric Buddhist images testifying is ancient glory, have been unearthed. Ratnagiri is the gem of this complex. The magnificently carved door jamb of the Vihar and the superbly finished Buddha images form perhaps the greatest concentration o the post-Gupta period Buddhist sculptures. Udaigiri is still under Excavation & interesting Stupas, Temple & Deep Well tells the story of the Monks & Students living here in 10th Century AD.

Overnight at Bhubaneshwar
Day 13 Bhubaneshwar – Barkul On Chilika Lake 100kms/2hrs
Visit of Temples, Caves and Tribal Musuem (Closed on Mondays) & State Musem (Closed on Mondays) at Bhubaneshwar.

Bhubaneshwar is the Temple City of India, once upon a time holding 7000 temples around the city. Now with 500 temples from the period of 05th to 11th Centry AD, this Capital of Odisha is visited by many tourist from different parts of India & Abroad. Among all the Temples, Important Temples visited are Chronologicaly in Order Parasurameshwar, Mukteshwar, Rajarani, Brahmeshwar, Vaital & Lingaraj Temples. These Temples belonging to different period of construction reflecting different changes in the plan & 11th Century Lingaraj Temples is the Culmination point of the Temple Construction at Bhubaneshwar with the complete collection of all the Four Halls of Odiya Architecture Style. Khandagiri & Udaigiri Jain Caves, dating back from 03rd to 01st century BC are telling the royal, social & cultural life of the King & the People of Kalinga. Out of 92 Caves, there are caves dedicated to the Jain Monks, Hindu Deities & the Queens Cave depicting the story of Royal Celebration at the Caves are worth visit.

Drive to Barkul on Chilika Lake. Check in to Hotel. Rest of the day free. Overnight at Barkul on Chilika Lake
Day 14 Barkul – Taptapani 150kms/3hrs
Drive to Taptapani on the way visiting Nirmal Jhar. Chilika Lake is the Largest Brackish Water Lake of Asia & accommodates Migratory Birds during December to April. Irwardi Dolphins are also One of the Major Attractions for the Tourist coming for the Visit to the Lake.. Visit fo the Lake also allowes the clients to watch the Fishermen’ activities. Also they can go inside the Kali Temple inside the Island where Foreigner can go inside the Sancturum to Offer Prayer to the Goddess.

Drive to Taptapani on the way visiting Nirmal Jhar.
Overnight at Taptapani
Day 15 Taptapani – Chandragiri – Gopalpur
Excursion trip to Chandgiri & Taptapani. Taptapani is the Entry Point to the Tribal Belt of South Odisha. This is famouse for the Hot Sulphur Spring. There is a Shrine of Goddess Kali which is believed to be the Goddess of the area & worshiped by the Tribal People with the beleive that the Hot Water in the Mountain is the Anger of the Goddess & Prayer will make her happy enabling them to get the blessing. Chandragiri Tibetan Settlement is a worth visit with the Stupas & Monastery of the Tibetan Buddhist Culture & sharing their Life with the Saura Tribal Group since 1950 with the
help of Odisha Govt for their settlement. We visit Nice Tribal Hamlets of Saura Tribal Groups & Desia Kondh Groups.
Overnight at Gopalpur
Day 16 Gopalpur – Puri
Cross the lake to the other side & Drive to Puri. Boating at the Lake to Spot Wild Irwadi Dolphins at the Lake. Cross to the other side & Drive to Puri. Overnight at Puri
Day 17 Puri – Raghurajpur – Konark – Puri
Excursion to Konark & Raghurajpur Declared as the Heritage Village of Odisha, Raghurajpur is the only place where you can experience the Artisans working on the Silk, Paper, Beatle Nuts, Coconuts, Cow Dung, Coir & many more. The Traditional Patta Painters of Odisha live in this village in the different parts like Dandasahi, Nayakpatna & Raghurajpur are now experts making different kinds of Artistic useful house hold materials for the market which are worth buying from them. Your visit will introduce to the Age Old Patta Painting workers in the village & their working style.

Sun Temple of Konark is one of the Heritage Sites of India is the Culmination of Odiya Architecture. Described by Poet Rabindranath Tagore, The Language of Stones have defeated the Language of Human Being is Well Defined on the Temple Wall of Konark Sun Temple. Built in a form of Chariot, this Temple has attracted the Tourist from all over the World for the Stone Work Style & Description.
Overnight at Puri
Day 18 Puri – Bhubaneshwar – Kolkata or Delhi - International Connection
Sight Seeing of Puri. Drive to Bhubaneshwar to board the flight to Kolkata or Delhi.

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